Adweek Recognizes BASIC as Millennial Run Agency Pushing Culture Forward

News Posted on — 04.12.2016

Adweek Recognizes BASIC as Millennial Run Agency Pushing Culture Forward

BASIC CEO and ECD, Matt Faulk, recently sat down with Adweek for ‘The Millennial Issue’ and spoke about how culture and design can influence businesses.

Millennial Design Team Focused at Desk

As a brand strategy and digital design agency in San Diego, BASIC was founded to help lifestyle, fashion and entertainment brands connect to their consumers. “My partner, Erich, and I originally started BASIC, because we really felt we could connect people to the brands they love and ultimately help brands make things that people care about,” explained BASIC CEO and ECD, Matt Faulk. “We use strategy and design to help create products, services and experiences that help support their lifestyle and create a difference in today’s culture.”

This strategy and overall thinking has helped brands such as Nixon watchesBB Dakota women's fashion labelIncase lifestyle and accessories brand, and New Era Headwear take a fresh approach to considering how they communicate their brand across different mediums, especially in the digital space. “We go in and try and sell the personality of our team,” Matt said, when speaking about some of the challenges of collaborating with Fortune 500 CEOs and their teams. “Lately, we’ve been working with a lot of companies to help refocus their core brand strategy and elevate their digital presence so they can connect with their consumers in a relatable and meaningful way.” In February, BASIC worked with women’s fashion brand BB Dakota, to help them launch an all new e-Commerce platform focused on leveraging branded content to help bring their brand experience to the digital space.

This original article was featured and first appeared in the April 11 issue of Adweek magazine.