Tips + Takeaways: Building Brand Preference and Loyalty

Insights Posted on — 05.23.2016

Tips + Takeaways: Building Brand Preference and Loyalty

BASIC Co-Founder and EVP of Brand Design, Erich Broesel, shares his insights into building brand preference and loyalty in a constantly progressive marketplace.

Today’s markets are changing more progressively than ever before and consumers are looking to get closer to the brands they love. As a brand, your audience is constantly measuring levels of expectation each time they interact with your brand. When it comes to building preference and brand loyalty, it’s important to consider what your brand actually means to your audience.

It’s really about clarifying the belief system of your brand and leveraging that to establish a meaningful connection with your audience. The best way to bring these "motivating beliefs" to the surface is through a thoughtfully designed system of stories. These stories are like "values-on-display” and they give you a way to demonstrate that you're caring, capable and maybe even a bit playful - which has good emotional appeal as well. Now your competition can’t use some trivial innovation feature to edge you out, because your audience is loyal to who you are as a company, and not just the benefit your product brings to their lives.


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