Empowering small business owners with W+K

UX/UI & Application Design

Empowering small business owners through UX with W+K

Designed with deliberate focus

We designed the new American Express Open App with a simple set of features to accomplish certain targets: simplicity offers an authentic foundation on which to connect digital strategy and user experience; minimalism is the most powerful form to deliver value to the small business owner; we wanted to help SBOs cut through the weeds and save time to concentrate on what matters. Business.

Empowering business owners

The success of the small business owner depends on being able to access his or her new spending capacity without delay. This is the reason they applied for the card. With this in mind, we focused on building a concrete relationship with the AMEX consumer through an app designed for active, on-the-go people.

Our strategy and design language concentrates on building an honest understanding with the user, providing value through utilities and real-time information. The UX/UI is device-agnostic, simplifying the experience across android and IOS and focused on clarity for business owners.