Helping Incase carry itself with confidence

Branding & eCommerce Website Design

A new brand identity and eCommerce flagship for Incase

The Back Story

Incase is a global name and iconic lifestyle and accessories brand. Over the years, it has influenced culture with its industry-bending trends in the bag, sleeve, case, power, and even in the collaboration space. Like us, its brand thrives on establishing longstanding relationships, and its partnership with Apple is a notable example.

We were delighted when Kelly Magrath, its Senior Vice President of Marketing, engaged us to create a new overarching communication strategy, eCommerce platform, and global campaign toolkit. We were faced with an aggressive timeline, a serious amount of work, and ambitious growth goals. Always fearless in the face of a challenge, we got started, excited. 

A fresh brand story

Incase designs, tests, and redesigns products with painstaking care, helping its consumers power and protect devices and tools. Every stitch and thought that goes into the Incase making process is influenced by the lifestyle and daily habits of the consumer, and every consumer has a unique ‘use case’ because they each use bags and tools differently. We defined our strategy around this quality, identifying that Incase creates products ‘Designed for You.’

‘Designed for You’ is true to the founding principles of Incase and brings human personality to the picture. It positions the brand regarding what it offers and its point of differentiation. It creates the perfect opportunity.

Incase Designed For You Brand Campaign Tagline

Establishing fresh brand standards

With ‘Designed for You’ we showcased the real-life situations for which Incase products are designed. Our strategy and creativity was similarly focused on authenticity: the custom typography - a hand-crafted script based on the handwriting of Incase’s Moses Aipa - and the lifestyle photography are both human elements that offer context to the function and beauty of the product.

We also established a flexible messaging system that aligns with the visual system, further communicating the brand’s personality and concentrating on the best design elements of the products, showcasing with precision the way in which they create a better experience. Our strategy centered on taking a motivation, lifestyle, or situation, and creating a unique headline; these headlines connect product functionality to the moments that matter most. When marketing a travel bag, we utilized the challenges of travel and positioned Incase products as the answer. ‘Designed for You’ is adaptable; the subject can suit any situation and become ‘Designed for Long Days’ or ‘Designed for Road Trips,’ for example.

Incase Designed For Comfortable Commutes Campaign Imagery
Incase Designed For Globetrotters Campaign Imagery
Incase Designed For Long Days Campaign Imagery
Incase Designed For Your Passions Campaign Imagery
Incase Designed For You Campaign Advertisement Range Backpack
Incase Designed For You Campaign Advertisement Sean Malto Travel Essentials
Incase Designed For You Campaign Advertisement Ken Block Action Camera Collection

Creating a global library

After defining the Incase brand and visual direction, we moved into the content creation stage; here, we developed a brand library of lifestyle photography across a wide range of product categories.

We shot with two photographers in two cities, with one goal: capture moments and situations that our consumers experience every day, such as riding the subway or cycling to work. With Incase, we created an archive of photography for print, digital, and outdoor materials to educate, inspire, and connect with consumers.

Incase Roller Bag with Girl in Blue Jeans

Turning 'Designed For You' digital

Our ‘Designed for You’ framework provides a strategy for connecting with customers. Taking the structure to the eCommerce platform was a separate consideration, upon which the success of the site depended.

As we approached the redesign, we focused on the user and created an online experience that streamlined the path to purchase, doing so in a way that inspires and encourages exploration, perfectly striking with Incase’s core consumer desires.

We were staying true to best practices and also pushing standards forward, bringing features and functions that provide the same degree of utility to the user as the Incase products offer its consumers.

Incase Designed For You Campaign Landing Pages

A guided shopping experience

The new site enables users to shop by products and device type as well as who the products are ‘designed for’. When we introduced ‘Designed for You,’ we identified four key consumer archetypes that the ‘You’ represented and turned them into categories through which Incase can merchandise products.

The guided navigation and site architecture strategy provide multiple paths to purchase, also enabling consumers to shop per category and across categories. In doing so, the site fully embraces the ‘discover commerce’ experience that’s so appealing with consumers today. We also combined brand storytelling with content and commerce, creating and a campaign that features product pages that enable Incase to tell its own story behind its products.

The site is fully responsive in light of the rise of mobile commerce, and globally adaptive, too. As Incase enters new markets, each region can customize the experience to align with the unique demands of the region’s consumers.

The path to purchase

The primary goal of the redesign was to improve online sales. We implemented best practices and standards in eCommerce, bringing our knowledge of brand and user experience to the platform to guarantee success. We also looked for new ways to bring exciting features to the experience, including Olapic for social commerce, predictive results in search, and utilities like carousel browsing to product tiles on the catalog landing pages.

Our strategy was created to drive social commerce and enable consumers to become brand advocates. By customizing and implementing Olapic, a third party social commerce utility, we turned consumer-generated content into shoppable, visual brand assets that provide social proof. Intelligent SEO helps Incase drive consumers to the site to reach targets. Once on the site, our predictive search functionality makes the commerce experience more focused and direct, and product browsing is richly improved by the carousel functionality: it leads to lower bounce rates and contributes to the overall excellent experience.