SoftBank Vision Fund

Website Design

Elevating the Vision Fund's brand and digital experience

How to defy an entire industry

Throughout the last decade, more and more investors have funded large-scale growth, encouraging firms like the SoftBank Vision Fund to compete for market share. As an investor in today’s most forward-thinking companies, the Vision Fund’s unique position called for a digital experience that conveyed both its global prominence and bold ambition. Partnering with Mococo Muse, we realized the Vision Fund’s elevated brand strategy—digitally.

A refined and transformative digital experience

Built on a mobile framework, we looked to communicate the Vision Fund’s progressive personality without compromising on heritage. To capture the attention of potential founders who are on the go, we conceptualized an experience as seamless as it is elegant.

Moving toward the future in real time

Because the Vision Fund is a borderless venture, we wanted to convey the idea of time throughout the experience, highlighting that business continues nonstop worldwide. We brought this to life through shifting gradients, localized clocks, and key content pieces across the site.

Reflecting a brand that is continuously on the move and enterprising, subtle animations make the experience more active. Lines quickly move users through each page, representing the fast-paced nature of the business and its international clientele.

Simplicity is key

One of the team’s foremost goals in redesigning the Vision Fund’s site was to craft a completely intuitive experience. Convenience was paramount; the site had to be functional and easy to use. This led our thinking throughout the process. Sans serif text and bold copy ensure scannability on each page. Responsive search queries, page routing, and smooth scroll guide users effortlessly through the site. Content modals create a frictionless, uninterrupted experience while browsing, similar to Pinterest and other popular social networks. Usability was a priority, and we made sure to remain thorough during this undertaking.

Capitalizing on the relationship economy

Our content strategy was centered around the personalization of a global titan. Too often, investment brands focus on static numbers for relevance and miss the crucial human element. Mentorship and development are valuable industry differentiators worth highlighting. To execute on this aspect of the Vision Fund’s brand, we made partnership a focal point of our messaging.