SoftBank Vision Fund

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SoftBank Vision Fund
/Overview — A digital platform highlighting the ambition of the world’s largest tech fund.

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Throughout the last decade, more and more investors have funded large-scale growth to build the businesses of the future, encouraging firms like the SoftBank Vision Fund to compete for market share. As an investor in today’s most forward-thinking companies, the Vision Fund’s unique position called for a digital experience that conveyed both its global prominence and bold ambition. Partnering with Mococo Muse, we were challenged to realize the Vision Fund’s brand strategy digitally.


The new pulls back the curtain and highlights the brand’s progressive vision, people, and portfolio. Simplicity is at the root of our experience, which captures the attention of potential founders and delivers the confidence, perspective, and clarity worthy of the world’s largest tech fund.

/UX Strategy

Experience Design

For two decades, SoftBank Group has partnered with extraordinary entrepreneurs to build lasting companies, so we designed the experience for intuitiveness and convenience, bringing the brand’s story to the forefront.

Design Direction

A visual language as straightforward as its fund.

Reflecting a brand that is continuously enterprising and on the move, we designed a simple yet engaging system that leverages interaction and animation to represent the fast-paced nature of the business and its international clientele.

Because the Vision Fund is a borderless venture, we wanted to convey the idea of time throughout the experience, highlighting that business continues nonstop worldwide. We brought this to life through shifting gradients to represent the sunrise and sunset as well as localized clocks to highlight the fund's global scale.

User Experience

Showing the bond between investor and founder.

Too often, investment brands focus on static numbers for relevance and miss the crucial human element. Mentorship and development are valuable industry differentiators worth highlighting. To execute on this aspect of the Vision Fund’s brand, we made the connection between the investors and the companies they back a focal point of our experience.

Users can explore based on companies they’re interested in as well as the investors behind them. Throughout the site, our content is interconnected in a symbiotic manner that reflects the real-life relationship between the fund and its network of businesses.


Technology Solutions

Conveying global prominence and bold vision requires a technical platform positioned for growth and flexibility. We implemented a Craft CMS-based framework hosted within an Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

The flexibility of Craft allowed our team to create a powerful content management experience that was simple for the SoftBank team to manage internally.

  1. The CMS needed to allow for easy updates and site scalability.

    A tailored Craft CMS install supports a robust content management workflow and easy site updates.

  2. There was a complex network of content, people, companies, and operating sectors.

    A robust categorization and tagging system creates deeply connected content across the site and database.

  3. The site needed to support heavy traffic as well as a large collection of media and assets.

    An AWS-backed hosting architecture ensures ample scalability and network resourcing.

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Culture Manual™
Project focus
  • Design + Architecture
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Culture Manual™
Project focus
  • Design + Architecture
  • B2B + Professional Services