Bringing the future of finance to millennials

Bringing the future of finance to millennials


From its prototype stage, we teamed up with Stratos to bring its wallet-consolidatin 'smart' card to market.


The first 'connected' card

Stratos is a brand with a strong foundation and story. The simple idea of a single 'smart' card that acted as a gift, loyalty, and credit card at the same time was, in fact, challenging to realize. We formed a relationship with the people at Stratos from its prototype days to learn about the technology and business objectives, and then help define the brand strategy, messaging platform, and visual system for launch.

The strategy for the Stratos audience

In defining the Stratos audience, we needed a market who were less resistant to using technology and making payments. Millennials made the perfect early adopters; they’re savvy and hungry for new technology, and more trusting with financial transactions. Importantly, we knew that once millennials had proven the merits of Stratos then it would lead to a slightly older generation - who would find the card even more useful - to use it too.

While other cards occupied the ‘everyman’s smart card’ space, we positioned the Stratos brand as Premium. Millennials care about their social status and a credit card is a major status symbol. Our strategy focused on the user’s behavior and psychology, imagining scenarios such as paying for meals in restaurants and bars with an exclusive silver or black card.

Simple sophistication

Our design team explored the key brand cues to establish differentiation from other brands, such as typefaces, iconography design, and dozens of brand logos to align with our Premium positioning strategy. Furthermore, we explored various touch-points to define the design language and create a brand aesthetic. Our brand messaging framework differentiates Stratos from its competitors; focused on the business issues the card solves, the brand speaks the same language as its audience. Convenient. Simple. Secure. Three crucial words in modern banking and finance.