About Us

About Us

Killing it for seven years and counting...

Through strategy and design, we combine story and experience to build bold brands

It’s about breaking formulas, dealing with dreams and ambition, and making the complex, simple. BASIC is about living two beats ahead of everyone else.

We create human experience in a digital world. Above anything else, this stands at the center of why we make. Real human interaction is what connects a brand with its audience, creates a winning strategy, and drives our making, day in, day out.

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Our Offering

Brand + Digital

We build brand and digital experiences by combining business strategy, identity, UX/UI, eCommerce, and content.

Our Way

Think + Make

Strategy informs our making and our making brings our strategy to life. We move forward with each step of our process supporting the next.

The brands we’ve worked with aren’t trophies, they’re friends we met on our journey

We partnered with Apple to improve the digital experience for the Beats brand and Apple Support.

We brought storytelling, culture, and positioning to eCommerce, creating a hub that is all things Beats. View the Case Study.

Our new approach for Nixon’s growing reputation wasted no time in turning them into a global leader. View the Case Study.

We’re crafting eCommerce strategy, UX/UI design, and content direction for the new Clarisonic 2017 site.

We established a new eCommerce experience that drives growth with a focus on brand culture. Launching 2017.

Our eCommerce platform reflects Keen’s values and, through brand storytelling, aligns it with its community. Launching 2017.

Our eCommerce strategy reinforced our advertising efforts for REI, realigning the iconic retailer with millennials.

With Fruit of the Loom, we’re developing strategy, brand, and digital design direction for Russell Athletic’s 2017 site.

Launching soon, our strategy, design, branding, and development drives commerce through cool surf culture.

BB Dakota’s bold views on glamour and fashion inspired our branded eCommerce experience - all attitude. View the Case Study.

Our new eCommerce experience brings the Chrome brand to its urban fan base. View the Case Study.

Our time with Nike was about ‘changing the game’ with a bold campaign, creative direction, and emotional connection.

From strategy, design direction, content creation, and all things between, we repositioned the Incase brand. View the Case Study.

We partnered with Playstation to promote its premier titles to the gamers who love playing them.

With a sound strategy, we reinvented branded digital education for Fender, with a focus on community. View the Case Study.

Our iterative site redesign for the largest co-working community focuses on brand, community, and conversion.

Somewhere down the line we knew there’d be awards, fame, everything good, and look what happened

Site of the Year Awards — 1X

Site of the Year Finalist — 2X

Site of the Year Honoree — 13X

Site of the Year Awards — 2X

Site of the Year Finalist — 3

Site of the Year Awards — 1X

Site of the Year Finalist — 2X

Site of the Year Awards — 1X

Site of the Year Finalist — 2X

Site of the Month Finalist — 1X

Site of the Day Awards — 4X

Developer Site of the Day — 1X

Honorable Mentions — 8X

Agency Spotlight — Millennial Issue

Site of the Day Awards — 2X

Site of the Day Awards — 5X

Category Creation — Social News

We’re all makers, in love with the same thing

Basic is a multicultural, multinational and multidiscipline team of real individuals who come together in the studio to form one team with a focused mission: to make.

What we do and why we hustle comes from inside. With our shared principles in place, we create without fear, working within an atmosphere that facilitates the greatest work for the greatest clients of earth. Ambition. Talent. Love. Call it what you want. We call it Basic.

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Creating brands and digital platforms with human experience at heart


Branded eCommerce Experiences

We drive commerce through brand culture and an understanding of user behavior. Our eCommerce strategies and digital platforms inspire people to invest in what a brand stands for.


UX / UI Design, Websites & Digital Platforms

‘Experience Design,’ or UX/UI, is design based on a strategy that focuses on the emotional connection between a brand’s offering and the people that use it.


Brand Strategy, Identity, & Advertising

Brand is the cultural connection between company and community. And when we say connection, we’re talking about cross-platform consistency and cultural expression, about bringing human experience to the digital landscape.


Video Production, Photography, & Storytelling

Content brings brand stories forward and when an audience engages with original branded content, they engage with a brand. Emotion is at the heart of our strategies, bringing a more ‘human’ approach to a digital world.