BASIC Brings Brand Storytelling to eCommerce with the Launch of

Work Posted on — 02.09.2016

BASIC Brings Brand Storytelling to eCommerce with the Launch of

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with women’s fashion brand, BB Dakota on the launch of their new fashion eCommerce website.

BASIC Launches BB Dakota eCommerce Website Brainstorm Session

Founded in 2005, BB Dakota creates clothing for women who live life on their terms and want to look good doing it. When it came time for an eCommerce makeover, BB Dakota came to us to help them better tell this story through a new flagship eCommerce website that’s focused on bringing content and commerce together.

BB Dakota Responsive Website Design

With the new fully responsive BB Dakota eCommerce website, we focused on streamlining the purchase decision process by providing the user with a highly contextualized shopping experience from beginning to end. We accomplished this by delivering a rich, immersive experience through big imagery, high-quality branded video content and deeper brand storytelling through collection pages and an online journal.

BB Dakota Website Designs

This experience was brought together by building a series of ‘toolkits’ instead of traditional ‘templates’. These toolkits are pages that host numerous modules and components that can be leveraged throughout the site to create differentiation from page to page. This allows the internal team to work within the Wordpress backend to deliver consistently unique content layouts for each page, while being able to tell a different story for every new product, collection or campaign.

We knew that by articulating the brand’s personality and story we could give users deeper context to the products they’re purchasing on each page and drive users through the sales funnel in an interesting and fun way.

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with BB Dakota and the launch of their new eCommerce website. For a more in-depth look at the project, head over to the BB Dakota case study.

About BB Dakota

BB Dakota is a women’s fashion brand launched in 2005 - “At BB Dakota, we love clothes, but we love the women who wear them more. That's why our clothes are exquisite, not expensive; wearable, not imitable. The clubby, exclusionary fashionworld does not interest us, and the idea that a pricey pant or a hallowed handbag can make a woman cool is, frankly, lame.”


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