BASIC Talks Design, Process, and Collaboration at the San Diego Creative Jam

Events Posted on — 06.30.2017

BASIC Talks Design Process and Collaboration at the San Diego Creative Jam

BASIC Interactive Designers, Veronica Cordero and Arthur Armenta were invited to give a keynote presentation at the latest Adobe Creative Jam.

This year, the Adobe Creative Cloud team has partnered with San Diego Startup Week to host their annual Adobe Creative Jam focused on bringing San Diego entrepreneurs and the local design community together.

The evening was brought together through a two-part design experience that allowed the local community to take center stage. The event featured 4 lead creatives within San Diego who showcased their creative process and the workflow they use to bring their design from initial concept to final product. In the next room, a select group of local creatives went head-to-head in a 3-hour design brief using the Adobe Experience Design platform.

In order to drive a better understanding of the creative process, BASIC Interactive Designers, Veronica Cordero and Arthur Armenta, were invited to take the stage. The team gave their personal stories from the design pit and provided an inside look at the tools and design process used to build the BB Dakota and Beats By Dre eCommerce platforms. While both projects were commerce focused the teams, process, and deliverables, were completely different. The talk aimed to explain the intricacies of designing websites at scale by considering three overarching principles that can be applied by any creative team.

Leverage shared values and interests – It’s important to align with each brand we work with in order to create something meaningful. A lot of times the biggest ideas come from the slight nuances and common habits. 

Use data and intuition to drive decisions – At the start of every project, we go through a process of discovery which allows us to better align with the current vision of each company. Within this process, thousands of tiny decisions need to be made by both teams, which means considering both data and intuition.

Do the small things well – Every project, whether big or small has a series of unpredictable turns. In order to maintain consistency and get the final version of the final version, you've got to pay attention to every detail and decision made.

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Adobe Creative Jam 

Nothing beats being part of a creative community. That’s why we created Creative Jams, an event series where local thought leaders share a behind-the-scene peek into their processes and projects; meanwhile, teams compete in a tournament that puts their creative skills to the test using Adobe Creative Cloud. 


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