Crafted Puts San Diego’s Creative Community Front and Center

News Posted on — 06.17.2019

Crafted Puts San Diego’s Creative Community Front and Center

With collision as our calling card, we're determined to put the city on the map

San Diego’s creative scene has long lacked the allure of cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and Portland. Through a community initiative called Crafted, we intend to change that.

Throughout BASIC's nearly decade-long history, we have dedicated ourselves to enriching culture at large with our work, encouraging team members to think beyond client needs to come up with revolutionary ideas. This inspired our creative director Erwin Hines, who partnered with local leaders to launch Crafted.

“The reason I joined BASIC® is the reason we started Crafted,” says Erwin. “If you look at history, the world’s most creative minds did some of their best work together: Dalí and Man Ray, Warhol and Basquiat. I’ve always wanted to link up with dissimilar people to do amazing work.”

With a mission to impact culture through a collision of different perspectives, Crafted seeks to promote visibility and cross-pollination within San Diego’s maker community. Erwin and multidisciplinary creative Jam Zumel started by bringing small groups of people together over dinner as a means of collaboration. Less than a year after the initial launch, we have hosted over 100 cultural leaders at eight monthly dinner experiences.

To expand conversations past the dinner table and strengthen our community platform, we have adjacent projects in the works, including collaborative pop-ups, panel discussions, and more.

We have begun preparations for a biannual gallery that will bring together creators across multiple disciplines, from painters and musicians to foodies and tastemakers. Our first Artist Showcase is scheduled for Saturday, August 17.

In addition to our newly launched website and Instagram account, an ongoing run of posters and merchandise will be released to help increase awareness of the initiative. The website serves as an in-depth look at up-and-coming creators, while the Instagram feed highlights today’s cultural scene and publicizes relevant places and happenings within the community.

Each project brings us one step closer to electrifying a movement. Starting with San Diego, the goal is to illuminate creativity and foster collision in the unlikeliest of places. “Not every city can be like L.A. or New York, and that’s okay.” says Matt Faulk, CEO and founder of BASIC®. “We do things our way and don’t plan on changing anytime soon.”

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