Things We Learned from the Most Epic Design Conference

Insights Posted on — 03.22.2016

Things We Learned from the Most Epic Design Conference

The team ventured to both Epicurrence 3 and Epicurrence The Montues design conference over the past month to enjoy some inspiring design talks and some fresh powder.

BASIC Agency at Epicurrence Design Conference Walking Into Hotel

As an agency, we’re not really one for conferences. Sure, we enjoy the experience of shaking hands and building relationships, but most conferences often lack the real talk that gets you inspired and pushes you even harder to perfect your craft.

Our mindset changed when our good friend and colleague, Dann Petty reached out to us last year. Dann wanted us to attend what he considered the non-conference for designers, called Epicurrence. It was a well curated group of 30 or so of the most talented designers hitting the slopes for a weekend in Tahoe and sharing their stories from the trenches. Our experience was so amazing that when Dann decided to create another experience called Montues, with over 300+ attendees, we decided we were all-in. We sponsored this years’ event, got our boards and headed north to Tahoe for another epic experience.

​A Conference for Humans, by Humans.

The beauty about Epicurrence is that it’s still a conference (sorry Dann), there’s still panels and keynote speakers but it’s all done the right way. Epicurrence Montues was just Epicurrence on a larger scale but managed to maintain that intimate environment which made the experience special. I guess you could call it a modern conference, because at times it legitimately felt like Twitter conversations brought to life. The beauty of this conference is how genuinely easy it is to connect with other people, learn from their experiences and bring some new insights back to the table to improve both personally and professionally.

​Design Rockstars Are People Too

“At the core of every hard working creative/businessperson is an authentic human being with the same set of unspoken obstacles, insecurities and curiosities. It was super refreshing to connect on a more human level with some “design rock stars”. I learned that there is no true recipe to achieve a certain level of success and those that are successful, still have a level of vulnerability.” - Arthur, Interaction Designer

​Developing Hard Skills and Soft Skills

“The conference was inspiring. It was difficult to sleep after having such great talks with people and being able to interact with them. What I gathered most was that what makes a great designer really special is not necessarily their skills or eye for design, it’s how they interact with people and how they treat others. It also made me aware of how I talk about myself to others. It’s important to stay humble and remember where you came from as a creative.” - Jacob, Front End Development

​Broadening Perspectives Through Real Experiences

“Even though there were some powerful, thought provoking, and meaningful panels to me the real benefit of the Epicurrence experience is relationship building. Intimate events like these that bring our industry together really benefit you in the ability to connect with others in the design community whom in many cases have extremely different experiences. At Epicurrence I was able to speak with people who ran everything from one employee studios to a 12,000 employee environment. The ability to get insights on the benefits, struggles and operational intricacies of design and UX studios at scale, across industry and category gave me a wide range of perspectives on business, design and process.” - Andrew, Creative Lead

About Epicurrence

Epicurrence is the creative conference packed with snowboarding, skiing, design, development, inspiration, the outdoors, food & drinks -- everything in one epic weekend. Epicurrence is for the creatives. It’s for the makers. It’s for the ones looking for the biggest inspirational thrill ride. 


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