Digital services for health care reform

UX/UI and Website Design

Improving the healthcare experience through strategy and design

Committed to the user experience

Blue Shield of California is a nonprofit health plan provider dedicated to giving Californians access to high-quality care at an affordable price. This is a brand whose story is based on a mission to succeed through a commitment to offer universal coverage and health care reform.

We established a long-term relationship with the Blue Shield team, focused on working together on its digital offerings and utilities. Through designing websites, apps, and services, we have concentrated on bringing a better experience to the user.

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The future of digital insurance

The foundation of our relationship with Blue Shield is built on exploring what’s possible. One of our favourite engagements focused on defining the future of Blue Shield in a digital age. The task was to remove the friction of approvals and legacy processes, discovering what the brand could deliver to customers through a website platform, free from the concern of technical and legal restraints.

Together, we established a vision that uses digital services to improve people’s lives, a customized healthcare delivered through a human-centric user experience that brings together commerce, content, and community. Our vision enables Blue Shield to take people on a journey, from buying insurance to researching medical information, and visiting a doctor to managing health records, and all from one online platform. Our UX and design direction brings human qualities to digital too, bringing in utilities that respond to the user’s needs, like customer care; we enable users to explore information, build their plan, and discover what’s right for them.