Connecting Chrome with an urban audience through eCommerce

eCommerce Website Design

Connecting Chrome with an urban audience through eCommerce

Traveling with resolute gear

Before we think about the future of a brand, we invest real time into understanding its culture and the way in which it creates its products and interacts with people. This is how we create a strategy and drive growth in an honest and authentic fashion.

Chrome is known for its meticulously crafted and resolute gear, perfect for urban life. We joined forces with its marketing and brand teams, bringing a strategy and eCommerce redesign - built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) - that takes its brand to a bigger stage, new audiences, and traveling fast to a serious future.


  • 142%
    Improvement in Time on Page
  • 16%
    Increase in Transactions
  • 10%
    Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 30%
    Increase in Mobile Conversion
  • 63%
    Increase in Mobile Revenue
  • 54%
    Increase in Mobile Transactions

Chrome Industries Bike Messengers Riding Down City Street

A Branded eCommerce Experience.

The foundation of our design was inspired by the bike messenger and urban creative, and our focus never steered from keeping the Chrome eCommerce experience centered on providing relevant and engaging content that moves people to explore.

The new site surfaces content as it relates to the user’s intent. It’s an intuitive and rewarding experience, delivering accurate offerings that drive commerce. Chrome represents practicality and reliability, building functional gear that stands up to tough city life. Our digital experience is suitably on brand, matching our key message here at BASIC - to make the complex, simple.

Chrome Industries Flagship eCommerce Homepage Design

Navigation built for exploration

When design is based on solid research, real creativity is the result. We learned that the Chrome consumer lives life on-the-go; they explore brands online via organic searches, social channels, advertising, and editorial content; they are independently minded and embrace the notion of freedom. Our navigation framework reflects our presumption that users will not always enter the site through the homepage. And crafting experiences is always about user habits.

Chrome Industries Flagship eCommerceResponsive Design

The path to purchase

A simple solution, removed from complication and distraction, is always the answer. Allowing users to make an informed decision and purchase a product without pause is an important part of completing their experience. Our simple three-step process is a subtle yet substantial enhancement to the user experience. From the product category page, users can hover over a product, select color and size, and add it to their cart.

Brand & product storytelling

Through a visual and modular framework, we show users the history of Chrome, its new collections, and the ambassadors of the brand. Our eCommerce experience is the latest Chrome chapter that brings its brand story forward, building on its strong heritage.

Chrome Industries Flagship eCommerce Website About and Brand Ambassador Pages

Our modular framework provides the required ability for frequent updates on the site. The Chrome team is free to create custom landing pages, brand pages, and product pages fit with unique and personalized content, all through a custom-built Salesforce (Commerce Cloud).

Chrome Industries Flagship eCommerce Website Barrage Cargo Backpack Detail Pages
Chrome Industries Bike Messenger Riding In Rainy Weather

Bringing the city appeal to digital

One of Chrome’s many standout attributes is its loyal fan-base across eight major U.S. cities. Within each city is a brick-and-mortar store (Hub) packed with tailored products that appeal to the particular lifestyle and culture of the city in which the store stands. We brought this quality to the digital experience too; users can shop for products based on location, on what’s popular, and explore the story behind each Hub, too.

Chrome Industries Flagship eCommerce Website Design City HUB and Collection Pages