Creating a powerful identity and brand strategy for ‘all things life’

Brand Strategy & Identity

A strategy and identity built on a culture of innovation

In search of an identity

District Circle is a biotech campus that needed a brand strategy and identity that reflected its innovative and effervescent outlook on life. Our research into the location on which the campus stands found that it is situated on ground once owned by an old paper mill known for bold innovation in its industry.

We borrowed the name and grounded the new District Circle brand in a rich legacy of standing out. Our flexible brand strategy allows the campus to embrace its ‘All Things Life’ approach and continue forward into the future with the utmost confidence in its exciting, life-inspired brand.

A brand name reborn

The most authentic future-proof strategies are often rooted in respect for the past. When we were given the task of breathing new life into a biotech campus, our research revealed that District Circle is a tenant amenities facility of a biotech campus built on land previously owned by an old paper mill that closed its doors nearly a century ago. It was known for standing out and innovation. We borrowed from its storied reputation and the name District Circle was reborn.

District Circle San Diego Restaurant Branding

An identity as dynamic as the experience

Our aim was twofold: create a community campus where tenant employees could work and collaborate, while also recreate, exercise and perform day-to-day functions without needing to leave. The facility needed its own restaurants, a gym, salon, cleaners, and a legitimate brewery to help make life feel a little more complete. The once relatively simple approach of branding a single thing had become a full system for the branding of an ever-growing family of things.

District Circle Brand Logo and Iconography
District Circle Deli and Cafe Brand Identity Collateral
District Circle Cafe District Retail Brand Collateral
District Circle Brewery and Restaurant Retail Brand Collateral
District Circle Community Signage Retail Branding

A living brand framework

Our slogan ‘All Things Life’ implies that the campus lifestyle is complete with everything a person needs to live a happy, healthy, and productive life, always feeling at home “in your element.” Your Element is the name given to the circle that surrounds each brand logo and the bi-monthly science and lifestyle magazine. ‘District Element’ is published to the tenant employees and the surrounding community. Our easy-to-use template system is complete with grids, design story and style guide.

District Circle Lifestyle Magazine Brand Collateral
District Circle Lifestyle Magazine Brand Collateral
District Circle Lifestyle Magazine Brand Collateral Grid

Guiding a family of brands

The flexible requirements of the District Circle brand made putting together the brand guidelines challenging, but due to our cohesive and comprehensive overall strategy, the task proved to be as seamless as any other brand guidelines. The brand - with its name steeped in a rich legacy - can feel confident of an excellent future, for both the campus and its ever-evolving brand.

District Circle Brand Guidelines and Logo Usage