Reinventing the Real ‘School of Rock’ with Fender

Educational Web Application

Reinventing the Real ‘School of Rock’ with Fender

The challenge of digital education

After Fender invited us to discuss the promotion of its new headphone product line, we learned first-hand from its sales associates about their experience, and we promptly presented another opportunity to Fender.

Our Fender education platform is a dynamic experience that engages, educates, and rewards. Fender sales associates and retailers increase their knowledge of the products, and crucially bring the Fender brand to the focus.


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Understanding the music community

Fender’s appeal is broad. For retail employees to reach both high-school band members and touring musicians alike, appealing to a range of proficiencies in between, the retail employees need to be educated in Fender’s strengths. We had to consider sales associates without direct ties to Fender too: increasing their sales knowledge depended on our ability inspire through the use the educational platform.

Creating a sense of community is essential in brand building, and this is also true to digital experiences. We provided users with more access to Fender, ensuring inclusivity by catering for varying levels of expertise, and inspiring every member with engaging media. Users enjoy the useful digital utilities, such as reference tools and product catalogues for the sales floor; they find motivation in the discount and reward incentives; they value the ‘Fender Certified’ achievement; both the mobile and desktop experiences are pitch perfect.

Empowering sales associates

The fully-responsive and flexible framework of the website empowers sales associates with the tools and knowledge to feel at one with the Fender brand. Students using our platform can, for example, begin their learning experience on their laptop and continue later from the same stage on their mobile, staying connected throughout the day.

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Reaching the people

The educational platform needed to reach people. Our experience encourages exploration, creativity, and engagement. An inspiring brand such as Fender has certain expectations; with rich media, we ensured the educational experience suited its subject: music.

Users have the opportunity to creatively track, manage and discover educational content. They test their knowledge, earning Fender IQ points through chapter cards, course objectives, and lesson-based curriculum.

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Rewriting the rules

As always, solid research underpinned our making. By spending time with several online schools, and educational websites and platforms, we broke down the educational process, extracting the most important, time-honored methods, and we rebuilt the educational structure in its most basic form.

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By moving away from the more conventional methods of online education, our experience educates users about the Fender brand and its products in an engaging fashion that focuses on discovery.

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Our modular system empowers Fender’s technical team to update content efficiently. It also provided the foundation for us to build a system for content writers to publish exclusive videos, audio, and supportive content.

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Fender IQ is a feature that increases interest by rewarding sales associates for playing the platform. This is an important highlight in how we reinvented education; the entire experience is enjoyable.

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Scalability & Globalization

And this is just the beginning. The new Fender Academy is built for growth, ready for new product releases, chapters, quizzes, and tests.