An eCommerce experience as thoughtful as their products.

eCommerce Website Design

An eCommerce experience as crafted as their products

A new digital home for Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics is best known for it’s thoughtful products that embody creativity and craftsmanship. Since their founding in 1948, they still operate their original dinnerware factory in Sausalito, and have added a tile factory in San Francisco’s Mission district. Their retail showrooms in SF and LA offer a collection of beautiful, high-quality goods of all types that blur the line between everyday objects and family heirlooms.

We partnered with Heath to create an elevated eCommerce experience, one that mirrors their showrooms, reflects the values of their brand, and elegantly blends content and products within an experience focused transactional funnel.

An eCommerce system designed for today as well as tomorrow

With 44% of Heath’s site traffic coming from mobile, we established a responsive site framework focused on mobile-first design and research-proven navigation. The new eCommerce experience elevates the brand’s digital presence, and guides users to revamped product detail pages, through a streamlined site architecture.

In the digital age, operational efficiency and speed-to-market are key business considerations. To help them operationalize our design, we designed and developed a custom CMS solution that enables the marketing, brand, and technical teams at Heath to easily build, maintain, and deploy pages faster.

A browsing experience inspired by traditional retail

The merchandising and customer experience within Heath’s retail showroom’s encourages customers to move between open discovery and singular focus. This strategy works for both the shopper with a specific product in mind, as well as the “tourist” looking to explore and learn more about the brand.

We took these experience principles and brought them to the all-new Heath digital storefront. This improved home page and category page structure make it simple for customers to navigate the site, explore categories, and find products that will best suit their needs.

Features and utilities to provide value and drive growth

The Heath business model is complex, with a very diverse customer group ranging from brand fans and gift registry shoppers, to industry and trade professionals. To support each unique instance, various customer-centric utilities we’re implemented to provide more value to users.

The new registry experience was designed to reduce friction for users who want to create and share gift registries. Through custom application developments and an experience design overhaul we streamlined the steps upfront, so users could focus on adding, building, and customizing their registry.

The Heath Tile experience was also overhauled to support trade professionals as well as consumers shopping for tile.The new approach focuses on highlighting the beauty and breadth of the collections, as well as providing the context and information for finding installers and post-purchase support.

Using content to inspire throughout the customer journey

Each product in the Heath showroom has a story that speaks to the level of care and craftsmanship used to design, build, or showcase goods. The new experience uses very intentional content site wide to inspire and pull customers through the shopping funnel.

Evolving the design language to better reflect their brand

As we approached our redesign, we started with their existing design language and built improvements around it. Essentially, to keep pushing what had been working to better reflect the values and ethos of their company.

Touch of hand is something that you can see in everything at Heath, from the the way the company is run to the hand-numbered packaging they use to ship the products. We provided space within the design system for these touch-of-hand moments to come through and established a design language rooted in simplicity that brings products and content front and center.