Establishing a brand and global retail strategy for the HTC Windows Phone 8X

Brand Strategy & Retail Advertising

Establishing a global brand strategy for HTC & Windows

Establishing a global retail strategy

The primary task in our partnership with HTC and Windows was determining the strategy to help this phone win at retail. We identified key opportunities for improvement and developed a new retail system that crucially brings the Windows Phone 8X centerstage.

HTC Windows Phone Purple

Due to the demands of a global launch, we developed a global toolkit that established the guidelines for our campaign, messaging platform, visual language, and other key pieces of information to guarantee consistency, efficiency, and a successful launch.

Our process identified the most effective way to target consumers, and we created the touch-points and release strategy accordingly. We determined the primary audience and their shopping cycle to ensure we were saying the right things at the right time and place. We executed the strategy across all major markets, helping HTC and Windows with another memorable launch.

Crafting the brand aesthetic and bringing the strategy to life

As we developed the toolkit, we began establishing the aesthetics that would elevate the Windows Phone 8X to customers. We needed to authentically represent both brand with the dual-brand launch.

The challenge resulted in a number of rounds of creative that took us through the utilization of Windows Tiles and big, beautiful imagery that leveraged the phone’s color, to minimalist concepts that promoted the ‘as recommended by’ campaign with a witty, personable story.

HTC Retail Advertising Magazine Campaign Layout
HTC Retail Advertising Powered By You Banner Ad Design
HTC Retail Advertising Magazine Campaign Layout

Our edits and explorations established a direction that maintained HTC’s strong visual language with a heavy dose of key imagery, strong messaging, and supporting features. The creative is adaptable to benefit various zones, with a copy strategy that turned its focus from headline to feature, better engaging the consumer.

HTC Retail Advertising Windows Phone Environmental Ads
HTC Retail Advertising Windows Phone Billboard Design

Creating global guidelines

HTC tasked us with developing co-marketing guidelines for the various retail partners that carried the Windows 8X phone. Our guidelines provided instructions that included logo usage, layout standards, color, messaging principles, and partner-led adaptation for advertising. The global release of the HTC Windows Phone 8X co-marketing guidelines contributed consistency to a successful launch.