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Building a beautiful D2C brand through eCommerce

Success is beautiful

Kalla, the newest member of the Provide Commerce brand line, made its digital debut in 2013. As the younger and more hip sister to, set out to impress and disrupt the floral home delivery service industry with its beautiful bouquets and modern design.

Connecting with ‘plugged-in’ consumers was central to Kalla’s ambition to establish its brand with a unique digital platform. Creating a personalized gifting process and prioritizing the user experience was at the forefront of our strategy to realize Kalla’s desire to win in digital.

The Kalla brand begins

We became Kalla’s lead design agency for its launch campaign and asset execution, and together we launched the brand in Miami with retail kiosks and events to drive awareness. Working closely with Kalla’s product owners, we promptly elevated its marketing strategy with meticulously-crafted landing pages, OLAs, banner ads, and larger installments to populate billboards and metro signs throughout its flagship locations.

Rethinking online gifting

Before our involvement with Kalla, it launched a platform that failed to engage its target audience or drive sales. With our guidance, we established three clear goals together: increase conversion, highlight the product offerings, and optimize customization services. Our strategy to accomplish these three targets focused on simplifying the user experience; reducing the pages to 2 from 5 was a significant contributing factor in doing so.

Kalla Flowers City Brand Page Website Designs

A focused, beautiful experience

In rethinking the overall experience of, we transitioned the brand from a widget company into a product-led service company. Kalla’s previous homepage led with specific flowers for the user to choose from, and it failed to articulate the way in which Kalla differentiated itself from other brands, which was the entire package and delivery aspect it provides. Our solution was an experience that curated offerings around three-tiered packages to the user; the consumer gets an improved overview of Kalla’s offering and value proposition, with an experience that guides and assists.

Kalla Homepage Website Design

A human path to purchase

Our straightforward step-by-step process guides the user through the package customization options to checkout within five simple moves. It’s an approach that reinforces the brand’s value proposition of being a complete gifting service. Moving the delivery date, location, and recipient name to the beginning of the experience was a key feature of our success; it removed the pain-point of the user having to wait to find out if their product was available. By adding the user’s name at the beginning of the process, they feel more emotionally tied to the package they are building.

Commerce through brand storytelling

Every Kalla arrangement has been handcrafted by a florist with care and attention. Part of the digital experience should provide users with an opportunity to learn about these stories. By introducing a seasonal editorial piece to correlate with its product release schedule, we highlighted the passion, inspiration, and detail that goes into every product, organically including a lifestyle element into the experience.