Building a healthy brand, fit for competition

Brand Strategy & Identity

Building a healthy brand, fit for global competition

Inspiring consumers to "Own the Day"

Nii is a natural foods brand founded in 2013 with the mission to empower and facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle through creating the purest, healthiest, and most vibrant foods on the market. The Nii Bar - its first product to market - is the most nutrient-dense organic food bar available today.

In a highly-competitive and saturated market, Nii engaged us to develop a distinct brand voice and build a brand strategy and identity that would rightly distinguish it from the rest. We created a brand platform, which establishes standards from brand messaging to visual design and content production, inspired by the brand’s healthy core.

Audience and opportunity

Research into the natural food industry, with a focus on nutrition bars, provided insight into Nii’s competitors and the market in general. It was immediately clear that our main audience consisted of women between 18 and 34, and they are more likely to engage in brands who understand them as multi-layered women who balance their lives with successful careers, strong family values, and personal activities. If a brand supports their principles and everyday life, they will buy the product.

Inspiring Action

Now certain of our audience and their expectations, we positioned the bars around the brand mantra “Own the Day.” Our thinking centered around people choosing to take control of their lives; they take the natural ingredients of the bars and fuel their active lifestyles. This simple and powerful message was thoughtfully woven into the brand’s ecosystem, and its sentiment resonated extremely well with the target audience.

Nii Foods Own the Day Brand Campaign Video Woman Running at Sunset

The design system

The visual design, with its proactive and encouraging style, aligned with our “Own the Day” message; the bright color palette and playful typography contributed to a playful and confident style, and each element of the identity was consistent in what we wanted to say and how we were saying it.

Nii Foods Own the Day Tagline

Brand identity & visual language

Many of Nii’s competitors use muted colors and complex graphics, but our simple and straightforward design language utilizes a bright palette and bold logo mark, achieving a far more powerful impression. The final logo mark is playful and organic in structure. The honest decision to highlight key ingredients and benefits on the packaging instead of attention-grabbing copy and witty product names adds to the authentic nature of the brand.

Nii Foods Brand Brand Identity and Photography

Web design direction

To further differentiate Nii from its competitors, we crafted a strong digital presence that included brand exploration as well as powerful eCommerce. We utilized a combination of shoppable social content, rich imagery, and honest storytelling, always educating and empowering our target audience with the Nii lifestyle.

Nii Foods Website Design

Content creation & social playbook

Our strategy to build awareness for the Nii brand and plan a powerful launch included a social playbook. We developed it to reinforce its ambition of supporting the target audience and empowering them to “Own the Day.” The playbook provided a set of best practices and guidelines for tone of voice, conversation strategy, and look & feel. Furthermore, we created a set a videos and visuals for all social media channels. Inspiration and action were key.

Nii Foods Instagram Post 1
Nii Foods Instagram Post 2
Nii Foods Instagram Post 3
Nii Foods Instagram Post 4