eCommerce Website Design

Making eCommerce more ergonomic through design

In good hands

OXO is an award-winning houseware manufacturer that emerged out of necessity. Determined to find comfortable kitchen utensils for his wife with arthritis, Sam Farber devised a line of products to bring ergonomics to the forefront. And so, OXO was born.

Founded on the premise of creating better everyday products every day, Farber sought to upend the generic by making OXO’s name synonymous with convenience, innovation, and, above all, great design. At our core, BASIC’s mission is to make the complex simple, so we were the perfect choice to shoulder this undertaking.

The Results

  • 10%
    Increase in Average Order Value
  • 50%
    Increase in Page Views
  • 85%
    Increase in Conversion Rate

Turning household goods into a household name

We partnered with OXO to establish a digital strategy and design language for its eCommerce platform, bringing the brand story forward.

Our approach was three-pronged. Throughout the experience, we wanted to focus on simplicity, education, and convenience. Our goals were to build brand awareness, encourage engagement, and drive conversion—all the while keeping those principles top of mind.

Content meets commerce

Improved conversion was a mandatory ask from the brand team but so, too, was storytelling. One of the site’s most distinguishing features is the deep integration of content and commerce to drive engagement. The previous blog was hosted on a URL separate from OXO.com, and the OXO.com eCommerce platform lacked captivating content. We consolidated the experience and facilitated this process by creating a single, two-way shoppable destination that put storytelling at the center.

Inspired by human connection

Transactions are driven by personable and straightforward interaction. We wanted to craft a digital experience as ergonomic as the products it sells, with OXO’s offerings centerstage at all times. Users can easily view their preferred products and make a purchase instantly in the comfort of their own kitchens. User experience enhancements and contextual information presented on product detail pages help drive conversions easily and organically.

A best-in-class mobile design was critical in bringing the brand forward. We were intent on streamlining the experience and expediting the path to purchase by meeting the users wherever they are, whether on a blog post or the product listing page. We also ensured mobile users could update their carts effortlessly with just a few actions.

Modern mobile interactions both engage and encourage. This is reflected in how today’s users consume visual content and browse eCommerce interfaces. We used this insight to drive our mobile strategy and interspersed aspirational home imagery throughout the design, from symmetrical photos to overhead shots.

Using information architecture to clean house

With over 3000 SKUs, taxonomy was essential to simplifying the user experience. We divided them into four major categories and broke these down further into subcategories within a flexible navigation structure. Consolidating product lines and organizing by application, we worked closely with the OXO team to provide users with a straightforward path to purchase.