A simple, engaging, and educational brand-first platform

Branding & Website Design

A simple, engaging, and educational brand-first platform

Beginning with brand

Our task was to align Visian’s brand with its technology and business strategy, and deliver a new digital platform. Its removable lens implants correct a person’s vision without needing glasses or contacts. We needed to raise awareness and reinvent its approach to product education across digital, connecting with consumers through relatable stories concerning the benefits of Visian ICL.

Our industry research discovered that the majority of companies in the medical field failed to deliver a strong sense of brand. The websites used generic stock imagery and the experiences can be fairly described as sensory overload. Conveying information succinctly was a challenge, and breaking down the content was key. We simplified everything, engaged and educated, encouraged discovery, and built its brand around these principles.

The new approach to digital healthcare

Approaching the medical industry with a brand-first mindset meant entering mainly untested waters. Our audience of millennials and GenX consumers expect on point content that captures their attention, and only through a strong brand is such engagement possible. Millennials are open to new procedures, they compare costs of products and services, look for social proof for justification, and digest information quickly.

To encourage our branded approach, we opened up our office space to the Visian team, establishing a collaborative environment through workshops and design sprints. We quickly aligned with its team, shared insights, created a vision for content creation and design direction, and set new brand guidelines. Differentiating Visian from its competitors and creating a unique digital experience was crucial in building a brand.

A story for the millennials

We brought a story-approach to the new Visian ICL website. The digital experience takes Visian from a newfound surgery to a household brand name offering a realistic procedure. We focused on four primary tiers - awareness, education, brand persona, and connected experiences - and on two consumer mindsets: those coming to the site to consider a vision correction procedure, and those wanting to compare ICL to other surgeries.

With a strong structure and two unique millennial-focused user-flows, our attention turned to bringing empathetic design language and content strategy to healthcare. As we built out the site, we understood that the platform would also function as a utility portal to encourage potential consumers to connect with a Visian physician. This amounted even more importance on the education process, making information easier to digest. The digital platform we created puts readers at ease; our audience of millennials feel informed and comfortable at all times, engaged in the open and light environment.

Visianicl.com on Mobile Device

Providing deeper context to the story

The more information a user consumes about the procedure, the more questions emerge in their mind, so our design embraced this inquisitive mindset and ensured the content provided answers ahead of time. Our question-based formatting structured the story and guided the reader, driving them towards the most relevant content. Regarding visual storytelling, motion graphics, animated page breaks, and SVGs (looping illustrations), we shared information and contributed clarity to our narrative without overwhelming the reader.

Creating and continuing an inviting and engaging tone was important. We applied subtle cues in our content, design language, and animations; we simplified messages as much as possible, without losing sight of SEO and key terminology; we led a universally-minded photoshoot to drive global content for Visian, also creating a video to articulate the procedure and benefits; our control over visual consistency throughout the entire experience was immense. Our brand guidelines for Visian ICL and its parent company, Staar Surgical, help the brands achieve and maintain consistency.

Visianicl.com Homepage Design

Multiple user journeys

After understanding the two consumer mindsets we identified in our strategy sessions, we structured two separate user journeys. The secondary navigation and user-flow experience acts as an index that provides important information to encourage deeper learning. The information is easily organized within a menu lightbox that encourages users to dive in and out of specific touch-points. This option saves the user time. The primary navigation is where our story-first approach can really be appreciated. One feature of the narrative is the intuitive way in which content appears: it anticipates the reader’s questions, providing answers with strategic timing. It took a great deal of research into the audience to achieve this. It’s a method that resonated extremely well with the consumers, whose commitment depended upon being as informed as possible.

Visianicl.com Product Education Pages

Educating without intimidating

Our experience shares the principle that better vision is more than just seeing things clearly; it’s about living an improved life, and we achieved this message through vivid imagery. Our ‘Life With Visian’ page is full of interesting stories from Visian brand ambassadors, aligned with our ‘story’ and ‘experience’ themes, and generating authentic conversation about the real experiences that distinguish Visian ICL from its competitors.

Life with Visian ICL Website Design

Helping people find their doctor

Throughout the design nuances and improved UX/UI, we never lost sight of the end goal: the consumer must feel informed and motivated to visit a nearby doctor. Visian had been working with a generic ‘Find a Doctor’ (FAD) search engine that presented some minimal contact information. We created a robust search tool with improved clarity, hierarchy, and functionality. We designed new tools in the portal to make it more convenient to contact a doctor, such as setting up a quick Skype call. The result is a reimagined FAD tool that revolutionizes by simplifying the way people contact an appropriate doctor.