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Webex.com — Reintroducing the world to collaboration, at a time when it’s needed most.

  • Digital + CX Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Visual Design + System
  • Accessibility + SEO
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  • Performance Optimization
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With video conferencing the new norm, competitors dominating the territory were missing a vital component that so many users required—integrated privacy and security. By quickly realizing this as a differentiator for Webex, we were able to build their story around user journeys for modern workers and launch their integral software for hybrid models at this time.


The team rallied around new approaches to creating a digital experience that not only introduced the brand’s vision of hybrid collaboration, but brought its disparate array of business properties together under one cohesive experience. All with unique user journey’s at the forefront. Through cross-functional collaboration with our client, we were able to delegate responsibilities and make decisions at each step of the project, supporting our abilities and creating the most authentic work for the brand’s future.

"BASIC® team, we proudly launched our new website today with your partnership. What usually takes a year or more, you helped us bring to life in 3 months! Website looks phenomenal!! We are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to a continued partnership. The feedback I am getting from our internal executives and external customers and analysts have been extremely positive. "
- Aruna, CMO of Webex team


Immersion & Synthesis

In two months, our team delivered a transformative and cohesive strategy.

Content strategy— emotion meets function

We explored various user journeys and personas to get a sense of how to emotionally connect, and at what point in the purchase funnel decisions were effectvely to be made.

We began by creating a comprehensive audience segmentation that informed our content strategy, keeping in mind their customer base ranged from local SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Our goal was for users to connect with the experience on an emotional level, while giving them the tools they needed for remote and hybrid collaboration.

Visual concepting and real-time development

Visually, we enhanced the existing experience by simplifying both the narrative and design. We stripped away corporate jargon and created a new digital experience that could introduce a new collaboration vision, while bringing separate brand entities under one roof.

While doing this, we developed our components in parallel with design to expedite code delivery. This allowed our designers to see and interact with our physical prototypes in near real time, which allowed teams time to align more rapidly on decisions and identify areas for improvement.


Experience Design

We established a visual approach to vibrantly announce the new Webex brand and synthesize their position in the market around the future of collaboration and remote work.

Telling the right story

Telling a sufficient, inclusive story for Webex required an emotional understanding for what their audience was craving, and how each unique brand offering could benefit them. In doing so, we created a vocabulary that could express the product experience in detail, as well as the sheer range of human communication.

We worked with Webex to create a cohesive narrative that flexed across every feature from hardware to software, while distilling their brand message into its most succinct, relatable essence for the modern teleworker.


Elevating product presentation to drive conversion.

With a premium price point, it was crucial that we found a way to elevate product presentation. This involved providing an immersive way to learn about technology and innovation of the product through rich animations and renders, showing the product through engaging lifestyle content, and digestible copy that speaks to the tech and functionality.

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Google Store
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Google Store
Project focus
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  • Retail + eCommerce