eCommerce Strategy, Design, and Development

eCommerce Strategy, Design & Development

Branded eCommerce

We drive commerce through brand culture and an understanding of user behavior. Our eCommerce strategies and digital platforms inspire people to invest in what a brand stands for.

Culture drives commerce

People define culture, and culture drives commerce. Our process focuses on the fact that people buy from brands they believe in, with connection made on an emotional level. Our approach to eCommerce is rooted in emotion; we bridge the gap between brand, culture, and commerce.


Our eCommerce platforms are built on solid foundations, beginning with research and a strategy to help a brand’s product or service turn viewers into consumers.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Consumer Research
  • Industry Research
  • Analytics / data / SEO
  • Omnichannel Strategy


Our eCommerce experiences benefit from a simple and authentic approach that combines our award-winning UI/UX design with branded content.

  • Creative Direction
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile / Responsive Design
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Content Development


Code is a process that runs side by side with design here. It’s a big contribution to the overall experience. Strategy, design, and code all work together.

  • Creative development
  • Front-end Development
  • Functional Prototyping
  • System Integration / cms Systems
  • Digital / Interactive Style Guide

BB Dakota | Fashion / Apparel

Content storytelling with real personality across eCommerce

Explore BB Dakota Case Study

Beats by Dre | Consumer Goods

A branded eCommerce platform that moves at the speed of culture

Explore Beats by Dre Case Study

Nixon | Fashion / Apparel

An elevated eCommerce experience that brings global brand growth

Explore Nixon Case Study

Chrome Industries | Fashion / Apparel

An eCommerce experience that brings Chrome to an urban audience

Explore Chrome Industries Case Study

REI eCommerce | Sports / Recreation

A millennial-facing eCommerce strategy to bring an exciting future to an iconic brand

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Kalla | Beauty / Cosmetics

Strategy and brand storytelling that brings beauty to eCommerce

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5 eCommerce Site of the Year Awards: driving results while setting the standards others follow...

We’ve worked with leading fashion, beauty, sport, entertainment, and lifestyle brands to drive commerce through culture. Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

Shopping Site of the Year — 2016

Shopping Honoree — 4X
Nixon, Incase, BB Dakota

User Experience Honoree
BB Dakota

Best Practices Finalist — 2016

Best Practices Honoree — 3X
Nixon, Incase, BB Dakota

eCommerce Site of the Year — 2016

Fashion / Cosmetics Site of the Year — 2016

2015 eCommerce Site of the Year

2015 eCommerce Finalist

eCommerce Site of the Year — 2016

eCommerce Awards — 3X
Nixon, BB Dakota, Incase

Our eCommerce process

Every eCommerce experience we create for our partners is built on a unique strategy that details a brand’s future. We put together a team of industry-specialist thinkers and makers to drive commerce through platforms that express brand culture.


When it comes to eCommerce, it begins with our authentic, experience-led approach to helping brands connect with people. By beginning with business insight and consumer behavior, our focus remains true.


Our eCommerce platforms are rooted in brand and digital strategies that drive commerce through culture and storytelling. Our focus on creating a more human ‘path to purchase’ provides an honest base for our strategy.


We channel our creativity into improving the user experience and matching the standards set in our strategy. It’s this combination of hustle on the back of strategic thinking mixed with inspired creativity that drives us forward.


Content matters. When people interact with a brand, content is the conversation; it establishes tone and contributes identity and consistency to a brand. Photo, video, copy...we’ve got you covered.


Code in eCommerce isn’t to simply make design work. We design our eCommerce platforms alongside development, moving forward in both disciplines together, with the user-focused strategy at the heart of our making.


When we partner with brands, we team up for the long term. This ensures we continue to evolve every eCommerce platform to perform at its potential, expressing brand culture and driving commerce.

Partnerships focused on driving commerce through design, content, and development

We partnered with Apple to improve the digital experience for the Beats brand and Apple Support.

We brought storytelling, culture, and positioning to eCommerce, creating a hub that is all things Beats. View the Case Study.

Our new approach for Nixon’s growing reputation wasted no time in turning them into a global leader. View the Case Study.

We’re crafting eCommerce strategy, UX/UI design, and content direction for the new Clarisonic 2017 site.

We established a new eCommerce experience that drives growth with a focus on brand culture. Launching 2017.

Our eCommerce platform reflects Keen’s values and, through brand storytelling, aligns it with its community. Launching 2017.

Our eCommerce strategy reinforced our advertising efforts for REI, realigning the iconic retailer with millennials.

With Fruit of the Loom, we’re developing strategy, brand, and digital design direction for Russell Athletic’s 2017 site.

Launching soon, our strategy, design, branding, and development drives commerce through cool surf culture.

BB Dakota’s bold views on glamour and fashion inspired our branded eCommerce experience - all attitude. View the Case Study.

Our new eCommerce experience brings the Chrome brand to its urban fan base. View the Case Study.

An eCommerce experience that focuses on driving growth and reaching a new audience.