UX / UI Design, Websites, and Digital Platforms

UX / UI Design, Websites & Digital Platforms

Digital experience design

‘Experience Design,’ or UX/UI, is design based on a strategy that focuses on the emotional connection between a brand’s offering and the people that use it.

Designing the future

As makers, the future is our playground. We create websites, applications, and digital platforms that build modern brands and form authentic relationships.


Our creativity is always focused on the future and in sync to the beat of a winning strategy. We make it happen for digital brands.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Consumer Research
  • Analytics / data / SEO
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Experience Strategy


By concentrating on the consumer experience, we ensure that every interaction between a brand and its audience is human.

  • Creative Direction
  • UI/UX Design
  • mobile / Responsive Design
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Content Development


Code is a creative discipline here, a crucial component in making websites and digital platforms that focus on user interaction.

  • Creative Development
  • Front-end / back-end development
  • Functional Prototyping
  • System Integration / CMS Systems
  • Digital / Interactive style guide

Fender Academy | Retail

Reinventing digital education for Fender through strategy and design

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Beats by Dre | Consumer Goods

A branded eCommerce platform that moves at the speed of culture

Explore Beats by Dre Case Study

Nixon | Fashion / Apparel

An elevated eCommerce experience that brings global brand growth

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BB Dakota | Fashion / Apparel

Content storytelling with real personality across eCommerce

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Blue Shield of California | Retail

Reforming health care with Blue Shield through strategy and design

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American Express | B2B

Empowering small business owners by reinventing digital business

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Award-winning UX/UI Design… setting trends and driving results

Site of the Year Awards — 1X

Site of the Year Finalist — 2X

Site of the Year Honoree — 13X

Site of the Year Awards — 2X

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Site of the Year Awards — 1X

Site of the Year Finalist — 2X

Site of the Year Awards — 1X

Site of the Year Finalist — 2X

Site of the Month Finalist — 1X

Site of the Day Awards — 4X

Developer Site of the Day — 1X

Honorable Mentions — 8X

Agency Spotlight — Millennial Issue

Site of the Day Awards — 2X

Site of the Day Awards — 4X

Category Creation — Social News

Our UX / UI design process

The nature of our branded platforms are representative of each brand’s defining qualities, appealing to the reasons people love a certain brand in every element of our designed experience.


We know how to communicate a brand across digital. It begins by understanding its values, defining its unique personality, and then creating an experience that reflects what the brand stands for.


We create on the basis of a strong strategy that details clear brand goals and a surefire way to achieve them. Creative success isn’t accidental. It’s the product of researched planning and forward-thinking strategy.


You’ve heard us talk about ‘Experience Design’ before. It’s more of a philosophy than an approach to working. It’s about establishing Creative Direction, applying UX/UI to award-winning aesthetics, and focusing on the consumer.


When created strategically, content reflects the brand, aligns with the design and platform, and acts as the touching point between brand and consumer. We’re not talking corporate messages. We’re talking real conversation.


Never separate our obsession with human and experience-focused design from technology. Development doesn’t only turn our strategy and design into digital; it plays an important role in completing the consumer experience.


When we say Basic is about living two beats ahead of everyone else, this is what we’re talking about. We don’t finish a project and say goodbye. We monitor our results and evolve, forming long-term relationships with our brands.

Building the future of forward-thinking brands, by designing experiences that take them there...

We partnered with Apple to improve the digital experience for the Beats brand and Apple Support.

We brought storytelling, culture, and positioning to eCommerce, creating a hub that is all things Beats. View the Case Study.

Our new approach for Nixon’s growing reputation wasted no time in turning them into a global leader. View the Case Study.

We’re crafting eCommerce strategy, UX/UI design, and content direction for the new Clarisonic 2017 site.

We established a new eCommerce experience that drives growth with a focus on brand culture. Launching 2017.

Our eCommerce platform reflects Keen’s values and, through brand storytelling, aligns it with its community. Launching 2017.

Our eCommerce strategy reinforced our advertising efforts for REI, realigning the iconic retailer with millennials.

With Fruit of the Loom, we’re developing strategy, brand, and digital design direction for Russell Athletic’s 2017 site.

Launching soon, our strategy, design, branding, and development drives commerce through cool surf culture.

BB Dakota’s bold views on glamour and fashion inspired our branded eCommerce experience - all attitude. View the Case Study.

Our new eCommerce experience brings the Chrome brand to its urban fan base. View the Case Study.

An eCommerce experience that focuses on driving growth and reaching a new audience.